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Big Changes Coming
March 19, 2015 By: Hanson Phreek

Recently I was sort of inspired to work on this website. It's been a very long time since it's had any work done and I think it's time for a complete overhaul. Poke-Phreek and FreakyPhreek are onboard, so I'm working on a new site. For now, it won't be seen, but there will be a big reveal. I'm not really sure when, but once I get close I'll set a date for the new site. Be patient people! And watch for updates.
Peace, Love and Bullet Proof Marshmallows
~Hanson Phreek

It's been a while
March 28, 2006 By: Me

Alright, I'm a slacker. Mary inspired me to work on my part of the sight so I'm gonna do some revamping. I've already started, not that you'll really be able to tell yet. I'm gonna start over and create whole new pages for things. You'll see.
The last time I posted I had just gotten Sushi. Well now I have a second cat. Her name is Egg Roll. She's also a tiger striped cat and she's long haired. She's just about 8 months old now. She's so cute. That's it for now! Peace, Love and Bullet Proof Marshmallows.

~Hanson Phreek~

A little of this and a little of that
February 13th, 2K6 By: Poke-Phreek

Poke-phreek here. Just giving the site a little tune-up. The previous layout was annoying me. Woah. No updatey for over a year? Damn. Just. Damn. *shakes head* We should have a like, once-a-year-minimum update policy. *goes back to tweaking*

October 26th, 2K4 By: Poke-Phreek

Would ya lookit that! No updates for a loooooong time. Well, since we're going to start going over html in my ITS class soon, I figured I'd give this place one more shot and try making it purdy again. Maybe add a few pages. Already deleted a couple that really didn't matter anyway. So, on with the re-vamping!

Time is Fleeting

Yep, well...
February 27th, 2K3 By: Poke-Phreek

I reckon we should keep it up SOMEWHAT if we's gunna be advertisin' an' all...
Check it OUT. I was quite shocked when I saw this ;) (yeah...right!)

Which LotR Male are You Compatible with Sexually?

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I NEVER woulda guessed! (heheh)

Hate Monger
How Republican Are You?

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Oh MY! Gee gosh willikers! Why, they make me sound so, so, like ME!

LIIICK! You're Pippin's Lips! Pucker up!

Which Hobbit Body Part are You?
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...bloody hell...I dunno what to make of this... Poke-Phreek Out...

"Holy Rusted Metal, Batman"~Robin
February 26, 2003 By: ...

*looks around site* Well....*notices all the changes* It seems we've been working on the site...finally. It seems we've done a lot...there are some new backgrounds on Hanson Phreek's pages, and she's reorganized her fanfic page. We also have a new index pages. See if you can find any other changes. Have fun exploring...*evil grin* *wink wink*

I have a site...and a kitty!
August 6, 2002 By: Me

Well, I've been working on my personal site for a long time now, and it's up and running. I published it today. Click here to see it. I also have a kitty. Her name is Sushi, she's about 10 weeks old, weighs 2.8lbs, and a black and tanish tiger. She's so cute. When I get a pic I'm gonna put it up. Peace, Love and Bullet Proof Marshmallows.

~Hanson Phreek~

May 14, 2002 By: You guess

Hey! You may, or may not have noticed the change in the no frames front page... it's PINK! And I HATE it. Poke-Phreek did it. And just for the record, I do NOT LIKE pink *shudders*, and FreakyPhreek does NOT LIKE Britney Spears *shudders*.
Oh, I added a couple new words to the phreektionary, and finally got an entrance in the Two-Word Combining Challenge. Go check it out. Well, I'm off. Peace, Love and Bullet Proof Marshmallows.

~Hanson Phreek~

We're Still Alive
January 11, 2k2 By: Hanson Phreek

Hello!!! I know we haven't updated in a while but sorry. We are very buisy and lazy people, so you can't expect us to update every day or so... like we did at first. Anyways, there's some new stuff in the phreektionary, one of myn and one from Gundam-Phreek. Hehe... I used one there. I may be adding some new fanfics this week, I need to see if my newest one is up here or not and there's a couple that I've read that I want to add. Well I have to help a friend create a site now... maybe we'll have a link on here once she gets it up. Well. Bye. Peace, Love, and Bullet Proof Marshmallows.

~Hanson Phreek~

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