While checking my e-mail some while ago, I came along a link to "What's Your WuName?"

I had no idea what the hell that was.

I'm still not sure what it's for. But I like it.

To see the real WuName site, click here.

To see your favorite television characters' WuNames, stay right here...

(Don't you just love these neon green words?)

Table of Contents

Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Angel the Series
Gundam Wing

Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Buffy Summers-Greasy Choirboy...I just find that funny.

Dawn Summers-Greasy Choirboy...They must like to share.

Joyce Summers-Jive Talkin' Choirboy...She does like to talk.

Willow Rosenburg-Lazy-Assed Destroyer...She is biding her time corrupting the universe.

Daniel Osbourne (Oz)-Officer Stinkah...I don't know what to say...

AleXander Harris-Curly-Haired Slacker...Wow. That is just eerie.

Riley Finn-Well-Liked Assman...*pause*...*bursts out laughing*.

and then...
Rupert Giles-Flailing Fanatical Killer
Ripper Giles-Optimistic LyricistStrange. The Watcher WuName is Ripper and the Eghyon releasing killer is like the WuName for G-man...Strange.

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Angel the Series

Angel(us) O'Reilly-Bilious Bad Janitah-He did clean the alleyways of Los Angeles with his sweeping coat

Cordelia Chase-Jive Talkin' Choirboy...Go figure.

Wesley Wyndham Price-Grand Moff Puppeteer...Ooookay.

Charles Gunn-Undiscovered Bum...Who makes these names up?

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< div align="center">Digimon
(Yeah, you read that right)

(THE AMERICANIZED *coughfakecough* NAMES)

Tai Kamiya-Spunky Misunderstood Genius...*laughs so hard she falls off chair*

Matt Ishida-Ultra-Chronic Monstah...How can a monster be chronic? Isn't a cold chronic? *shrugs*

Sora Takenouchi-Womanly Panther...Well, she is female, I guess.

Mimi Tachikawa-Bastard, BASTARD HarbourMastah...*has trouble breathing she's laughing so hard*

Joe Kido-Radiophonic Oddity...He is a bit of a weird-thing, but I don't think he's an LP.

Izzy Izumi-Half-Cut Skeleton...That's just...disturbing.

TK Takaishi-'Ol Mucky Terrahawk...I don't think he's that old.

Kari Kamiya-Spunky Misunderstood Genius...I guess the brother-sister bond is real.

Davis Motomiya-Tha Eurythmic King of Nowhere...He is the best at whatever he does...*grins*

Yolei Inoue-Curly-Haired Slacker...I've learned by now not to ask "why?", but instead, "why not?"

Cody Hida-Tha Prickly Comedian...After all, he's so funny (to look at. SPOCK BOY!).

Ken Ichijouji-Ol` Filthy, Sweaty Bastard...*dies from laughter*

June Motomiya-Tha Ever So Weary Assistant...She assists at the official *Steal Matt's Soul* Fanclub.


Yagami Taichi-Contagious Specialist...*scratches head* Whatever.

Ishida Yamato-Tha Lonely Donkey Kong...Again...Whatever.

Takenouchi Sora-gee, what could that be? Again, it's Womanly Panther.

Tachikawa Mimi-I just have to say this again. Bastard, BASTARD Harbourmastah!

Kido Jyou-Inebriated Assistant...Sure, A drunk Jyou. Why not?

Izumi Koushiro-100-Watt Warlock...I think his laptop runs on a little more than 100-Watts.

Takaishi Takeru-His name did not change, it's still 'Ol mucky Terrahawk.

Yagami Hikari-Tha 23rd Buchan...What's a Buchan?

Motomiya Daisuke-Detective Ventriloquist...*crickets* Can't really say anything about that.

Inoue Miyako-Vangelic Surgeon...*birds chirp in the distance*

Hida Iori-Cybernetic Tiger...Moving on.

Ken Ichijouji-I just have to type this again...Ol` Filthy, Sweaty Bastard

Motomiya Jun-Gratuitous F-REEK...Yeah! What a difference an 'e' makes, eh?

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Gundam Wing

(Pilot 01) Yuy Heero-Pre-Raphaelite Shaolin...I can eerily see that...

(Pilot 02) Duo Maxwell-Jive Talkin' Choirboy...*eyes goes very wide*...He talks a lot...he wears the clothes of a priest...*whimpers at the eerie accuracy of the WuName Generator*

(Pilot 03) Trowa Barton-Childish Gambino...heheh...no comment from the peanut gallery on that one...

(Pilot 04) Quatre Raberba Winner (with Raberba as a last name)-Action-Packed Mentallist...IT FITS! I CAN SEE IT SO PERFECTLY TOO!

(Pilot 05) Chang Wufei-Homicidal Terrahawk...ah the eerie accuracy of the WuName...

(Pilot 06) Zechs Merquise-Sabre-Toothed Portillo...*grabs her dictionary*...I have no idea what a portillo is and neither does my dictionary.

(Pilot 09) Lucrezia Noin-Childish Gambino...*decides to become a philosopher if only to figure out this WuName.

(Pilot 11) Lady Anne Une (is that her real first name?)-Alarmingly-Named Wolfman...*The world makes sense again!* She's got the two personalities...wolfman's got two personalit...it makes sense to me!

(Pilot 13) Treize Krushenada-Asthmatic Enemy of God...*giggles* He's allergic to those damn roses, I just know it!


Milliardo Peacecraft aka-Zechs of too many names-Spunky Misunderstood Genius...could be because of that pacifism thingy...*shrugs*

Relena Peacecraft aka Queen of the World-Homicidal Terrahawk...OH The Irony!

Dorothy Catalonia (eyebrow girl)-Cybernetic Tiger...If this makes sense to anyone, e-mail me and tell me.

Sally Po aka Onna!-Cybernetic Tiger...wash. rinse. repeat

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