Hey everyone. It's me! Hanson Phreek creating my own "Phreekz Talk About Digimon(and maybe other stuff)" page. Ptad for short. I know I said that I wanted at least one email from someone saying that they wanted it but I got tired of waiting. So here it is! Yea!

Each entry will be color coded according to the person that's writing it and then will have the date and name of the person. Also the entrys will go down rather than up like the update page.

Hey! I'm doing the first entry just to say, I hope Poke-Phreek and FreakyPhreek put something in this thing at least once a week. They can do it more or often than that if they want to but I hope that they do at least that.
I've decided that I like Kensuke as much, if not more, as I like Taito. I can't get enough of either of them. Well I'm gonna go. Peace, Love, and Bullet Proof Marshmallows.
3-2-2K1 -Hanson Phreek-

Ken slept with Davis... sorta. Ok, well not really... the slept in the same room... does that count? Well it's still funny... Ken stayed at Davis' house. Hee Hee Hee. I find it extremly funny :)
3-3-2K1 -Hanson Phreek-

Wazzup Wazzup? I gotta use this ugly orangie color because of the stoopid white backround...Well, yea. Davis and Ken slept together...sorta...not...really. It's too bad they get seperated when they all spread out around the world. Lesse, if I remember right, Izzy and Kari(>_<) goto Hong Kong, Matt and Ken goto Mexico, Davis goes...I forget...I'll finish later....
3/6/01~Poke-Phreek~ (yeah, like there's another one here that types in yellow...)

Okie dokie....anyway, oh yea, Davis goes to New York with Mimi, Tk and Tai goto France (Paris), Matt and Ken in Mexico, Joe and Cody goto Australia, Yolei and Sora goto Russia, and Tai...where did he go? Oh yeah, I already said...
3/7/01~Poke-Phreek~ (Awww, I cant use the dashy thingies, they don't work well with my dash before "Phreek"...)

Look I changed the background color! Yeah... now Poke-Phreek can use yellow again! Poke-Phreek you know I didn't want to know anything about future episodes. How rude. Grr. I still can't believe Ken slept with Davis and I have it on tape so I can watch it over and over and over and over...I have nothing else to say but Peace, Love and Bullet Proof Marshmallows.
3/9/01 -Hanson Phreek-

Eh, I feel too emotionally attached to this color to let it go now. Anyway, Minna, down below is a segment of a past update about Tamers 3! Third Season! Hey! That's what the 3 stands for! I JUST realized that! Anyway, it may be old news now, the season premered in Japan on April 1st, right after the LAST epi of season two. If you don't know what happens. You aren't a true fan ^_^ The season ended with a trip to the future. I'll list some spoilers, just for everyone that hates 'em, but wants 'em just outta morbid curiosity:

~*~*25 Years Into The Future~*~*


Taichi is Ambassador to the Digi-World and has one child that looks like him who has his own . Mother unknown.
Yamato is an astronaut...who saw that one comin'? He recently got back from a mission to Mars with Gabumon, though he was only supposed to get to the moon. He is married to *gags* Sora Takenouchi. They have two children. A girl (i think) that looks like matt and has a tsunomon and a little boy that looks like her who was a yokomon. Both appear under 6 years old.
Sora is a fashion designer, and married to Matt yada yada yada...
Takeru is a novelist, he has one little boy that looks like him that has a patamon. Mother unknown.
Hikari is a kindergarten teacher with a little boy that looks like her. He looks about ten years old and wears her whistle (i think), he also has a salamon. Father uknown.
Mimi is a Culinary Analyst. In simpeler terms, she cooks. She has a child that looks like it just came outta the ghetto. He has his own yokomon and looks somewhat like her. Father unknown.
Izzy ^_^ Is a digital world researcher. He has an adorable little girl that has his eyes and hair, he and she work together all the time, she also has a um...pre-evolutioon of Tentomon *too lazy to think*. Mother unknown.
Daisuke is a...chinese noodle shop owner...but he's very successful! He has appeared in many magazines such as "TEME" and is quite rich. There are "Noodle, Noodle, Come Get Your Noodle" carts all over the world. He has a boy that looks EXACTLY like he did, even has Tai's old goggles, who has a chibimon/demiveemon. Mother unknown.
Yolei is a housewife. HAH! ...a housewife to...Ken :( Grr. She and Ken have three children. A Girl that looks just like she did, only with black hair, a little purple haired boy, and a purple haired baby. The girl has a wormon I beleive, and the boy I think has a hawkmon.
Ken is married to...Yolei >_< he is a plainclothesman. A police man undercover, with stingmon.
Cody is a lawyer. He has his own little girl that looks just like he did, only with longer hair and happier. Appears about six years old and has an armidillomon. Mother Unknown.
Last but not least, Joe is, whaddya know, a doctor. He has a boy that looks alot like he did. Aged around 8-10 and has a...*forgets all evolutions of Joe's digimon* um, the smaller of the one Joe has -_-. Mother unknown.

Now, below, you can see some info I got of Tamers! Not translated too well, but it's better than nuthin'!

only three?

New adventure which starts in Tokyo and Nishi-Shinjuku

"Card slash" heats battle further!

Tamers and their Digimon partners meet their fate

You also must aim at Tamers!!!

Geez, now where have i seen THOSE goggles before?
Name : Matsuda Takato
Age : 10
Partner : Gillmon

Very usual obedience for a moment, weak at each fight, school child. Digimon is loved, and digimon about which I always thought is scribbled on the note.

a ch-ap? J-ink?
Name : Lee
Age : 10
Partner : Terriermon

Boy of half which resulted between Hong Kong people's father and Japanese mothers. It is calm in ????, and actually looks senior dependence. It is thought that digimon is an important friend.

i already don't like her...
Name : Meadow Ruki
Age : 10
Partner : Renamon
Genius girl who has won the championship in digimon card game rally. It is believed that digimon is existence by a belligerent character which has resulted only to fight.

Thaz all fer now! Email if you want any pictures of everybody in the future!

Hey! Hanson P.'S new obsession area is pretty accurate. We all DO love yaoi! Though I myself (not sure about the others) am not to fond of Yuri. I'm not a HUGE fan of basic homosexuality, but yoai in cartoons is ok, actually, pretty funny to me. Not Yuri though >_< yech. I almost spit out my Saturday Morning coffee when the girl on Digimon (a while back now) introduced herself as "Yuri" Maybe it doesn't mean the same thing in Russia...
*sigh* Well, they did it. Toai officially sucks. They actually showed the last episode of Digimon Season II. It was so bad! Everyone acting all grown up *shudder*. On a lighter tune, though they mentioned that Ken and Yolei were married, they said NOTHING about Matt and Sora being together. They acted as if they weren't married at all! Which in my world, is a good thing ^_^ Taito! Wahooo! There's still a chance! But still. The episode, as excited and wide-eyed as I was, was one of the most depressing episode I've seen. They didn't mention that Davis was very successful either. Just said he had noodle carts everywhere. *sigh*
Well, that's it for now.
Bai! ^_^

Well, It's been a long time. This isn't as popular with the other phreekz as I hoped but oh well. Maybe one day it will be. I noticed that Poke-Phreek forgot to date her last entry. I'll have to yell at her for that, when I get back from Maine that is. I really miss digimon. I don't get Fox up here so I can't wacth it. Actually, I can see one ep. on Fox Family Channel weekdays, But that's on at like 8 am. I'm not up that earlier. One good thing about Maineis the clean air. I sleep so much better up here. But I'm so cold. I'm still used to hot weather, even after being up here for over two weeks. Anyways. I can't wait to get back. Just so I can see digimon again. Well, gotta go. I'll make the other phreekz add to this. Peace, Love, and Bullet Proof Marshmallows.
July 16, 2K1

Yahyahyah, so what if I forgot to date it, it's a freakin' update thing! Well, Anyone seen those new Digmon Series III commercials yet? They're pretty tight, and I SWEAR I saw a flash of Taichi's hair. I might watch it, who knows, but NOTHING will be better than season 2. Season 3 will premeir in the united states on September 1st, 2001.

Anyway, the new D3 looks like

And uh, here's a whack pic of 'em flyin' or something...

And a worried Takato...

And the ever-famous washing machine that appears out of nohwere for no apparent reason.

::Poke P.::
August 11, 2k1

Hey. We haven't talked bout Digimon in a long time. So uh... yeah. Digimon season 3 sucks. I hate it. I wish season 2 would come back and they could have some new stuff happen or in the new season bring back Ken, Daivs, Tai, Matt, Tk, Kari, Yolei, Sora... That would be so cool. Anyways. I have to get back to work.

~Hanson Phreek~
PS: I WANT KEN'S ASS!!!!!! hehehehehehe:)
January 11, 2k2

Alright, Season 4 of Digimon has been on air for a few months, and I only discovered it about a month ago...so I'm slow. Oh well, It's a good thing I'm not Digimon Phreek. So here's some info on the show.

The whole group.


Long ago the Human and Beast Spirits were fighting eachother, but Lucemon stoped them and became ruler of the Digiworld. He revolted and the 10 ancient Digimon took command of the Spirits and defeated him. Seraphimon, Cherubimon, and Orphanimon were put in charge of the Digiworld. Soon after, Cherubimon, one of the three Angel Guardians, revolts and threatens to destroy the Digital World. Various evil Digimon find Human Spirits and some find Beast Spirits.
Takuya, J.P., Zoe, and Tommy come to the Digiworld and Takuya finds the Human Spirit (H-Spirit) of Fire. Koji and Kouchi then come to the Digiworld and Koji finds the H-Spirit of Light and Kouchi goes on his own and finds the H-Spirit of Darkness and is corrupted by Cherubimon. Tommy finds the H-Spirit of Ice, Zoe finds the H-Spirit of Wind, and J.P. finds the H-Spirit of Fire. Grumblemon, owner of the Earth Spirits then seperates the group of children shortly after Koji joined.
The kids reunite and discover the existence of Beast Spirits (B-Spirit). Koji goes out on his own and finds his Beast Spirit of Light, but has difficulties controlling it. Grumblemon takes the H-Spirit of Wind and then Ice. Takuya then finds his Beast Spirit of Fire and has no control over it. Once he gains control, he defeats Gigasmon and takes his B-Spirit and recovers the H-Spirit of Ice. The Digidestined arrive in the Forest Terminal and meet Seraphimon, but the evil warriors attack and steal his fractal code, turning him into a Digiegg. The Digidestined flee the warriors and face Grumblemon again. J.P. finds his B-Spirit of Thunder and turns Grumblemon into an egg, taking his H-Spirit, and returning Zoe's H-Spirit.
The Boys' D-Tectors are stolen and Ranamon finds her Beast Spirit of Water, shortly after Zoe finds her Beast Spirit of Wind. The kids get their D-Tectors back and Tommy gets his Beast Spirit of Ice. A couple of side journeys occur and the kids go to the continent of Darkness where they battle Arbormon. Arbormon's B-Spirit is taken by Koji and Duskmon kills Arbormon and takes his H-Spirit, defating him. The Digidestined battle Duskmon unsuccessfully, but seeing an injured Koji triggered something within him. Duskmon lets out a darkness wave that covers everyone and seperates them. Takuya takes a Trailmon back to the real world in despair.
Takuya relives his past in the Real World and realizes his Destiny and returns to the Digiworld.

Good Guys


Spirit: Fire
The fourth google boy leader is not the best. He's careful and doesn't rush into adventure, but he takes more time to watch over the group. When he spirit evolves he is much braver and willing to face any danger. He's also hotheaded quick to rush into battle. He comands the spirit of fire.


Spirit: Light
Koji is a loner and is not used to working with others. He'll help out when he's needed, but he won't rush into danger. He's serious and sometimes cold, but when warmed up he can be a true friend. He's very calculating and won't fight a very dangerous battle unless forced into it.


Spirit: Wind
Zoe once lived in Italy and is sometimes percieved as snobby. She has a bit of an attitude and is not too couragous until she Spirit evolves.


Spirit: Thunder
J.P. is generally a coward who likes filling his stomach more than anything else, but he's also very nice and helpful. If someone needs help, J.P. will be there. When he spirit evolves he is much more couragous.


Spirit: Ice
Tommy is the youngest digidestined, but is surprisingly braver than J.P. He looks up to Takuya like a big brother, but he lacks a sense of responsibility. When his help is needed he spirit evolves to help his friends.

Spirit: Darkness
Koji's older brother came to the Digiworld where he became corrupted by Kerpymon and was given the Spirit of Darkness. When he realizes what he did wrong, his spirits are uncorrupted.

Bad Guy


Kerpymon once governed with Orphanimon and Seraphimon as the three DigiGods, but he revolted and now threatens the entire Digital World. His warriors have the other five Digimon spirits.

All information and pictures, excpet for the fist one, in this entry are from here.

Peace, Love, and Bullet Proof Marshmallows.
~Hanson Phreek~ February 15, 2003