Card Captor Sakura

is one of Clamp's longest manga (Clamp is a well known group of cartoonists which mainly draws shoujo manga. Clamp consists of 4 members, the leader Nanase Ohkawa, Mokona Apapa, Satsuki Iragashi and Mick Nekoi. There used to be 11 members but it droped down to 4. They all come from the Kansai area of Japan. Their first manga was drawn in 1989 and their first debut was RG VEDA). It started running in the June 1996 issue of the monthly magazine Nakayoshi. Card Captor Sakura consists of two parts. The first part is the Clow cards series which had ended in the June 1998 issue of Nakayoshi. The second part is the Sakura card series which started in the July 1998 issue of Nakayoshi and is still running. The Anime series started on April 7 1998. The story is about a girl named Kinomoto Sakura , or, Sakura Avalon as the American animators dubbed her, who accidentily found a book called The Clow in her father's library. She opened the book and awakened the ancient powers of the clow. Keroberos 'the gaurdian beast' was asleep when it happened, and appointed her to collect the cards. Once all these cards are collected, Sakura has to face the judge, Yue, who has a surprising alternate life. He is the examiner to see if Sakura has the strength and power to become the master of the Clow Cards. If she wins and defeats Yue, then the cards will be hers. If she is defeated by Yue, then the Clow Cards will be returned and she will forget everything about it. At the end, she had defeated Yue with her strong will and became the new master of The Clow Cards. Sakura is a fourth grader at Reedington Elementary. She is the chosen CardCaptor. She opened up the Clow Book and let all the cards loose, and now she has to get them all back before they become too destructive. There is only a certian group of people who are supposed to know about what she does. It should have been her and Kero, but she told her best friend, Tomoyo/Madison. Also, Li and Meilin showed up, so now all four of them . . . oh yeah, Kero . . . all five of them are in on it. Along with the whole CardCaptor thing, she has her regular life to deal with. She has a crush on Yukito/Julian, and falls in love with Li. She's very popular at school, and great at sports and most subjects. Just not math.

So that little dude that's always with her is...?

Oh, that would be Li Syoaran (Li Showron). He is directly related to Clow Reed, the magician that created the clow cards hundreds of years ago. He moved to Japan as an exchange student from Hong Kong. He met Sakura in class and realized she had great powers. He seems very dark and forboding at first, but he's a sweetie (and a kyutie ^_^). His fiancee and cousin, Li Meiling (Meilin Rae) followed him to Japan to be close to him. She seems very pushy and terretorial at first but she also proves to be an ok person. She is not a cardcaptor though strives to be. She does master great martial arts though. She doesn't realize that Li doesn't love her than anything more than family. She likes to glomp -_-

Daidouji Tomoyo (Madison Taylor ) is Sakura's best friend. She is very smart, and comes from a very rich family. She has a group of female body guards with her when she goes out at night (except when helping Sakura catch cards ^_^) She likes music and Japanese class. Tomoyo is in the chorus club at school. She designs all of Sakura's outfits, and Sakura always wears them, even if they are completely ridiculous or uneccesary. She also records each of Sakura's card battles with her new digital camcorder. In the Japanese version, she's in love with Sakura, but Sakuara'a too dense to figure it out. Tomoyo's mother, Daidouji Sonomi is president of her toy shop and rarely spends time with her daughter, in order to correct this, she buys her lots of stuff. She is a cousin of Sakura's mother, therefore Tomoyo is Sakura's cousin. Sonami says she will never forgive Fujitaka for marrying Nadeshiko (confused? Keep reading).

Cerberus (Keroberos/Kero-Chan) Kero-Chan is the guardian of the Clow Book. He was asleep when Sakura opened the book. He's kind of . . . well . . . lazy and piggish. He had to make Sakura a Card Captor so that when the Cards were released and then found again, someone got them back. He looks a lot like a stuffed animal because he is so small, and Sakura's brother thinks he is. So does everyone, for that matter. His real form is Cerebus a beautiful winged lion, but he doesn't have enough energy to transform into Cerebus, so he's still Kero most of the time. Kero loves to eat and play video games. He loves video games. Loves them. I cannot stress that enough. Well, maybe I could, but that's beside the point. Anyway, Kero has a major attitude, and refers to Li as "The Brat" or "The Kid". But he does provide useful information, and always pops up in the middle of trouble (even when not wanted ^_^)

Kinomoto Touya (Tori Avalon) is Sakura's older brother. He is a second year student in Seijou High School. Touya is Sakura's older brother. He makes fun of her all the time, usually calling her squirt or monster. He really cares for her, and doesn't want her to get hurt. The problem is, he has a total sister complex, so there is almost no way he'd even admit that he cared about his little sister. He is a couple with Yukito/Julian in the Japanese version, but they are just friends in the American version. I think that Touya has a little magic in him, too. Apparently, he can see spirits, more specifically, their dead mother. His best friend, Tsukishiro Yukito (Julian Star ) is always riding to school with Sakura and her brother. Both Sakura and Li-kun have a crush on him in Card Captor Sakura, and in Card Captors (American version of Card Captor Sakura) Sakura does but not Li-kun. Yukito/Julian loves to eat (okay, that's an understatement . . .) He is also Yue, the judge of the Clow. Yue also determines if Sakura is worthy of becoming Mistress of the Clow. Yukito/Julian, on the other hand, doesn't really know that Yue is inside of him. And Yue is kind of cold-hearted and strict, while Yukito/Julian is the exact opposite: Friendly to everyone and really easygoing. Yue knows that he is Julian, but Julian does not know that he is Yue.

Hey, now you're just talking about the not-so-important characters.

Yeah, well, I was too lazy to mention that. Yeah, the main characters are only Li, Madison, Sakura, and Meilin. But back to the little guys!.

Sakura and Touya's father, Kinomoto Fujitaka (Aiden Avalon) is Sakura's dad. He is really nice to everyone, which Sakura seems to have inherited. Not Touya, though -_- Fujikita/Aiden works as a college professor. I think he's a geologist or something. Anyway. He's a very hard worker, and is a great father. He's supposed to be great at sports, although I haven't seen him doing sports in an episode yet. He fell in love with one of his students, Nadesico/Natasha. They got married, even though her parents didn't approve of a teacher marrying a student. They had two kids Kinomoto Nadeshiko (Natasha Avalon)was his wife. She died when Sakura was only three and she was twenty-seven. She was a model since high scool and was very pretty. She married Sakura and Touya's father when she was only 16.

Sasaki Rika (Rita ---) is a classmate and close friend of Sakura's. She was in love with an older guy ^_~

Mihara Chiharu (Chelsea ---) is in the cheerleading club along with Sakura. She also a close friend and classmate.

Yanagisawa Naoko (Nikki ---) is yet another friend of Sakura's who is in her class and cheerleading club.

Yamazaki Takashi (Zachary ---) is . . . well . . . wierd. Cool, but wierd. His favorite thing to do is to make up stories about everything and anything that comes up in a discussion, or even what isn't in the discussion. Unfortunately, Sakura and Li are kind of gullible, and usually believe what he says. I think Li kind of figures it out later in the episodes, but Sakura is still as gullible as ever. Fortunately, Chiharu/Chelsea is there to keep him in line. She is his girlfriend in the Japanese version of the show, and his cousin in the American version of the show.

Mizuki Kaho (Ms. Layla Mackenzie) started out as a substitute teacher at Reedington Elementary. She is now a teacher at the school. She is very nice to everyone, and Sakura likes her a lot. Li, on the other hand, does not, even though she's never done anything mean to him. I don't know for sure, but I think she's magical or something. She's always on the spot to help whenever there's some catastrophy. Sakura had dreams about her before she started teaching.