Digimon: Digital Monsters

Remember that fad awhile back? About all the kyute little pets/babys you got to carry around in the form of a small plastic device that eventually got thrown into your teacher's desk drawer along with your old yoyo and rubber ball? Well, ever since the original Tamogochi's came out several other companies have been trying to find the most original idea for a virtual pet. Finally the makers of the original, Bandai, came up with Digimon, the virtual pets which can fight other ones, they were designed to appeal more to boys. The idea was to have a pet in which how well you looked after it actually mattered because the better you look after it the more fights you would win. Digimon is short for Digital Monster, think of it a a cross between a virtual pet and a Pokemon.

The animated television show came later. It starts out as a story about seven kids at summer camp who are unexpectedly transported by "digivices" to a colorful and enigmatic world. Lost and alone, they are befriended by small digital monsters, Digimon, who completely freak them out at first, but gain trust soon after. The little creatures guide their human friends through the wonderous DigiWorld, protecting them from the hordes of evil Digimon.

The group soon discovers that some of the giant Digimon they encounter are not evil Digimon but good Digimon gone bad. A dark power is corrupting even the most gentle of Digimon by embedding Black Gears into them, turning them into vicious monsters. Creating chaos and destruction wherever it goes, the evil power threatens all of DigiWorld.

As they try to find their way back home, the seven kids are drawn further and further into the mystery. Through teamwork and trust, they help their newfound Digimon friends digivolve from "monsters in training" to giant champions that must save the DigiWorld from the powerful evil intent on destroying it.

Great. So, it's a buncha ugly thingies that breath fire an' stuff. So what?

Ah, but there are hot guys!

Now you're talkin'.

The first season of Digimon has a cast of eight main characters. There's Yagami Taichi (Tai Kamiya), the holder of Courage. Taichi's a bit on the, well, not-too-intellegent side. *I just don't understand why everyone compares him to me...nevermind.* He's eleven years old and absolutley loves soccer and eating. He has a sister, who later enters the show as the eigth digidestined. His digimon is Agumon. His longing to be with another digidestined, Ishida Yamato (Matt Ishida), *look below* is evident. They are always so...I dun wanna be rude, but GAY. But they're cute together. *Note: This is not officially proven, but almost every digimon fan will tell you it's true ^_^* Yamato is the "rebel" of the group and also the holder of Friendship. Always playing his harmonica, he kind of seperated himself from the others to be alone *but yet with his digimon Gabumon always by his side*. He was about the same age as Tai in the first season, but he and Tai (along with most of the original characters) were in High school during the second season. In the second season he's in a band, The Teenage Wolves playing bass guitar. And is VERY hot. He has a little brother, Takaishi Takeru (T.K. Takaishi) who in the first season as a very cute little kid that's somewhat of a crybaby. He was the youngest of the group being only eight years old. He holds the crest of Hope and has a Patamon. Yamato was very protective of his little brother since their parents divorced. Yamato lives with their dad and Takeru lives with their mom. Takenouchi Sora (Sora Takenouchi) is the female role model of the group. She's the one that always has the good advice, logical thinking, kind nature, blah blah blah. She holds the crest of Love, which at first made her think that she was 'loveless' or something because it wouldn't glow. But it did and her digimon, Biyomon digivolved, finally.
Tachikawa Mimi (Mimi Tachikawa) is the girly-girl of the group. She's, I beleive, 12 years old, loves shopping, eating, and flirting. In the first season she appears as a whiney, spoiled girl with no fashion sense (Pink cowboy getup) she comes from a very well-off family who treats her like royalty. She mentions once in the show that she has a little baby brother, but we never see or hear of him again. She holds the crest of Sincerity, which I suppose she somewhat deserves...her partner digimon is Palmon a plant with little fashion ense as well.
Izumi Koushirou (Izzy Izumi) is the little boy genious that everyone ignores. He's an incredibly cute kid, aged around 10. He always has his Pineapple laptop with him, which comes in handy when decripting ancient digital codes. He found out that the digital world actually kinda, lives off the power that it produces...ugh, I'm too tires to think -_-...he was adopted, and his "parents" didn't think he knew, but he did. The scene where they decide to tell him at the end of the series is very emotional, bring tissues. His digimon is Tentomon who is voice played by the infamous Jeff Nimoy and has the crest of Knowlege.
Kido Jyou (Joe Kido) is thirteen years old in the first series. He's allergic to everything and is a little bit of a skitzo if ya ask me. He tries to act brave somtimes, and actually saved Takeru once, gaining Yamato's friendship. Jyou has the crest of Reliability, and has a Gomamon as a partner digimon. Gomamon has the ability to summon up his fishy friends to get them out of trouble. Yagami Hikari (Kari Kamiya) is Taichi's little sister that first appeared during the end of the first series. She is the eighth DD and holds the crest of Light. Her digimon is a once-turned-bad-Gatomon-now-turned-good. Hikari apparently fell nearly fatally ill to Taichi's expense when she was little, for this reason, Taichi feels incredibly responsible for his sister's safety. Hikari has some psychic thing going on. She senses thing that others can't, along with her glowing at times, talking in different voices, and knowing things that an eight year old shouldn't know for awhile.

Um...those are just kids...I'm not a pediophile...

^_^ Of course! I failed to mention that they get hot during the second season...of course, who can deny that even as 11 year olds, they are a buncha bishi's.

In the second season Takeru is a cutie but his american voice is very...um, annoying and just plain GAY. He's REALLY different. He can be all sweet, then morbid and threatening. His mom moved from across Tokyo to Highton View Terrace *where all the other's lived* which is where he met Inoue Miyako (Yolei Inoue) and Hida Iori (Cody Hida) who both live in the apartment building. Iori is a single child whose faher died in the line of duty when he was younger. Iori is 8 years old *nine in the american version* and is too smart for his age. He practices Kendo with his grandfather almost everday. He holds the digi-mentals of Reliability and Knowledge and has Armodillomon for a partner digimon.
Miyako is a geekish, but nice (I guess...) thirteen year old girl who loves eating desserts. She's very smart and has a crush on another digidestined. *just hold on...* Her digimon is Hawkmon, and unlike the first season characters, the second season Digidestined don't have crests, they get Digi-Mentals (digi-eggs) which let their digimon Armour Digivolve into more powerful digimon. So anyway, she has the Digi-Mentals of Love and Sincerity. She comes from a large family, with four sisters, one who is apparently best friends with Motomiya Jun a sister to one of the other DD, but not a DD herself. I sweaar, she stole Koushiro's hair. She is very self-concsious and likes to protect/pick on her little brother Motomiya Daisuke (Davis Motomiya) Dais-chan is a new digi-bishi who has the digi-mentals of Friendship, Courage, and the Golden Digi-Mental. Daisuke is a Taichi-look-alike, he loves eating, wears Taichi's goggles *since he gave them to him as a symbol of him passing the leadership to him or something* and plays on Taichi's soccer team. Daisuke has the most adorable digimon Chibimon (Demiveemon). Daisuke was the first of the group to befriend the Digimon Kaizer (Digimon Emperor) well sorta. The Kaizer's true personality was Ichijouji Ken (Ken Ichijouji), who's almost as smart as Koushiro, is famous, the best soccer player in Tokyo, and is a whiz at video games. "The Kaizer" is more like an evil virues that affected Ken, who at nature is a very sweet modest kid. The Kaizer built Control Spires and put Dark Rings around digimon's necks to control them. *the idea for dark rings came from Gatomon's tail ring, which was retreived by a slave digimon for him* When some digimon got loose of the rings, he made dark spirals, which left the innocent digimon with no control whatsoever. While fighting him, The Kaizer's digimon, Wormon gave up his power to give Daisuke's digimon extra strength to defeat a creation of the Kaizer's that went out of control. Anyway, Ken saw the digimon getting hurt and it made him realize that digimon were real beings that had feeling, throwing off his Kaizers getup, he got to the hurt wormon just in time for Wormon to say how he knew Ken was a good person, then died. Well, his data dissapated. Ken was in shock and started sobbing as his true self came back and he realized what he had done. The Digidestined all still hated him, except for Daisuke, who offered to let him join their group. Declining, Ken stumbled away into the desert of the digiworld. Back at his house, Ken completely forgot, or denied, that he knew who he was. He was in a depressed state and-

Will ya just get to the point already?! You talk WAY too much.

*sigh* Fine, fine.
Ken eventually joined the group and got his crest of Kindness. That's right, I said CREST. Ken had a brother, Osamu (Sam) who died in a car accident. Osamu was an original digidestined apperantly but never got connected with the others. Osamu had a digivice that Ken played with alot, Ken went to digiworld as a little kid once and met Wormon. That's where he got infected with the Kaizer as his digivice turned black and he grew evil. *note: his kaizer getup, looked ALOT like his brother*. Ken and Daisuke are now best friends and together, their digimon can DNA digivolve to Imperialdramon...I hope I spelled that right. Anyway, he's the most powerful digimon known. So yah, he came in handy a couple times. Oh yeah, DNA Digivolving is when two digimon digivolve together. The DNA digivolving pairs are: Hikari x Miyako, Daisuke x Ken, Iori x Takeru. In one of the movies, Taichi and Yamato's digimon DNA digivolved, though they didn't know what it was. *If you want me to put info of the movie(s) in here Email me and I will do ^_^*.

What is that all?

Well, no, but I really don't have the info I need to continue, or the stamina. But I will! Bye for now!