Japanese Animation

Japanese Animation came to America back in 1982 +/- one year. A bookstore catering solely to Japanese business men, Books Nippan, imported Japanese books and Manga to their store in California.

They also imported a few Anime titles for these businessmen. Little did any one know that Anime and Manga would take off in the US. Now the average Anime fan can find Anime in all the major video stores like Suncoast Motion Picture Co. (A bit pricey, but a great store. ^_^)

But what exactly is "Anime"?

Anime is the Japanese word for animation. You might think anime is just for young kids because it means animation. Far from it. There is a very big diffrence between US and Japanese animation.

US animation consists of comical characters designed to entertain young children. (I don't mean to bash anyone but...) Looney Tunes basicaly uses the same characters in extremely too comical shows. For instance an anvil is dropped on someone's head, they get up, and do something else extremely stupid. Such as a certain duck (no names now) gets shot in the face with a rifle. When the moke clears, instead of bits of duck brains and such debris flying in every direction, the duck's bill is turned upside his head and is completely operational.

Japanese animation is by far more superior. The storylines are well developed, the characters are more life-like, and anime has a wide range of topics. From kiddie anime to adult oriented anime. In anime the characters have very human emotions and actions.

Sample Series

Some sample series you might want to try viewing.

Bubblegum Crisis
Oh my Goddess!
Magical Girl Pretty Samy
Tenchi Myuo! Ryo-ohki
Ranma 1/2