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You seem to have stumbled into the Phreeky Shtuffs area.

From this moment on, you may go to any of theose wierd areas you see...but we warn you...they are, as we say, phreeky.

On this particular page, we will be posting our latest updates and such. Such as our comments on world events, what we have added to the site, or if we just feel like blowin' off steam.

Posted By: Poke-Phreek, Jan 14, 00, 1:03 PM
Hiya! Well this part of the site won't have the privelage to show off our updates anymore. Just go to that update thingy from the main page. We like, just update there now. Okay? Okay! Bye then!

Posted By: Poke-Phreek, Jan. 6, 2k1, 12:45 PM
Wassup? This place is comin' along...."I am Sailor Mars! I have the power of fire!" Oops, there I go, quoting Sailor Blokes again. I gotta learn to stop doin' that...
Sorry if this site seems a little...ummmm, feminist? Well, it's supposed to be an 'Everyone' site, but so far the only members are girls, including us, the webmistress's.
.....Oh my gawd...I'm watchin' Sailor Moon...they are such dikes....
Anyway, this site may seem a little too...Digimon oriented. Well, thaz because we here at Phreek Inc. all love Digimon! Big surprise, huh? Well just sharing a bit.

Posted By: Poke-Phreek, Dec. 31, 2000, 9:30 PM
Okie dokie, mina-san, my cat's all better, more on that later....Happy 'Moo' Year! Or even, New Year! *Blows party whirly-dood and rattles noisemaker* The new millenium is actually here! Everyone get pissed! Ya bleeding lushes you! Ignore that last phrase if you are NOT from England....everyone else just get drunk.

Posted By: FreakyPhreek, Dec. 13, 2k, 8:30 PM
This is an update by someone other than Poke-Phreek...Watch out for flying pigs! Guess what? The TV's aren't going to shut up about Gore or Bush for awhile now. Gore is cinceding, hopefully, in a half hour (Why he needs an hour to say 'I give up" is beyond me), and Bush will become Prez. FINALLY!

Posted By: Poke-Phreek, Dec. 12, 2K, 1:15 PM
Am I the ONLY one updating or what? C'mon guys, fix up the page a little bit! >_< And somebody go PLEASE make my TV shut up about the whole Gore/Bush thing, it's really annoying.

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