Other Phreeky Members
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Attention All Phreekz: It is finally time for you all to have your own pages. I, Hanson Phreek, am taking on this task. Think about what you want your page to look like and what you want on it and then email me with your idea. I'll work with you to get a page made and posted.

BSB Phreek

She likes the Backstreet Boys...
especially Brian (can't ya tell?)
Update:BSB Phreek has taken on a new phreektionality. She is now known as Slytherin Phreek.

Goth Phreek

She's...a goth...'nuff said.


This one loves Yamato
(Matt) from Digimon ^_^


The Megavolt lover! She even has a mural
of him on her wall!
UPDATE: This girl has multiple phreektionalities! She
is now also Kuzco Phreek! An absolute phreek of
The Emperor's New Groove's Kuzco! She
is in the midst of painting a mural of him
on her wall as well.


She is crazy for the Final Fantasy Games,
movie, and...everything!

This girl is our number (and maybe only)
one fan. She loves our site and e-mailed us telling us that.
Why haven't you...?

Well, she's a phreek. She's obsessed with being herself.


He likes fire, fireworks, and bombs.


She likes the Gundam shows, mostly Gundam Wing.

Ranch Doritos Phreek

Well, she always eats Cooler Ranch Doritos. That's all she eats.

Honey Bun Phreek

He's obsessed with honey buns. He eats like twenty billion a day. So yeah, that makes him a phreek.


She's obsessed with Fairies and pixies. She helped pick out this picture. I really like it.

Star Wars-Phreek

She is obbsesd w/ Star Wars and is always watching the movies. Think's Obi-Won Kenobi rocks... yeah... what ever floats her boat...

He's obsessed with his shirt that says "I make bad boys worse" and being gay.

Boy Phreek
Well, she's obsessed with boys. Enough said.

Kitty Phreek

He's obsessed with...guess...kitties!

Green Cat Phreek

She's obsessed with cats and the color green.

Art Phreek/Cat Phreek
She's obsessed with Art...and cats...and since we already have two catty phreekz we made her tak on something else as her dominate phreektionality. She's mad about that...

Good Charlotte Phreek

She's one of Art Phreek. I've only talked to her once, but I can guarentee that she is completely obsessed with GC.