This is a little haven for brand new words invented by the phreekiest people on the Internet. We'll try and come up with more, but it may take a while. It's harder than it looks. All words are color coordinated to the Phreek who invented the word. That means, red is from FreakyPhreek. Blue is from Hanson Phreek. And yellow is from Poke-Phreek. If it's from another the Triad of Phreekz (that's the one's who made this site), It will be orange.And if it's from another Phreek, it will be in purple. Try using these words yourself at school and see if they catch on. But remember, all these words are copyright of the Phreekz or creaters, so don't go around saying that you made it up!

Good luck!

Phreek-obsessed with anything to the point that they can recite strange inane facts that no one should know about the subject-ie: trekkies,anyone with a section on this site

Phuk-(f-oo-c)'s the phreeky way of saying...ahem the bad word. It's legal and fun to say! Go ahead, annoy your teachers!

Ereh?-Sort a response to when someone says something you should know but don't understand. It's a cooler way to say "uh?"

Pichica-A word used to express outrage while hitting somebody(But not very hard...).

Pichishhhhh-1. another word for talk to the hand or whatever. 2.Bitch said really fast.

"Blink"-When someone speaks at you about something you don't understand or really care about, you stare at them and say blink? It's phreekier than saying "what?"

Phrap-Crap said in Phreek Language. Also legal and teachers will not know what you're saying. Isn't it great?

Ghettro-something that is ghetto and retro like Poke-Phreek!

Fratsky-Combination of the words fat and frisky, also the name of Poke-Phreeks's cat, but oh well. We use it anyways...

Chrono Parasitic- Things that suck up YOUR time. Like annoying people, school,

Suproused-When someone is suprised, yet also aroused by a situation.

Phreektionalities-Poke-phreek's word...This is when a person has several obsessions and when they switch from one obsession to the next, they have switched phreektionalities.

Grr- Not growling, just grr. When someone or something is annoying, stupid or makes you mad.

Grr Worthy- Something or someone that makes you want to go "grr", but you don't feel the need to grr, instead you say "That's grr worthy" or something along those lines.

Lickily-When you feel so lucky you want to lick something!. Yes, we actually do that.

Add an 'e' for effect- When typing and complaining about a body part that hurts, ie. my back, add an 'e' to the end of that part, for effect.
Examlpe: Insted of "My brain hurts", type "My braine hurts"

Noe- My new way of spelling no... I have a habbit of adding e's to words when I'm typing. Hehe... oh well.

Myn- Gundam-Phreek'z way of spelling mine. It's cute, ain't it? (added here by Hanson Phreek)

Paddidy- Pronounced Pa-Did-dee. The essence of being padded. Made by an anonymous phreek (added here by Hanson Phreek)

Ghettofacation- The process of becoming ghetto. Made by an anonymous phreek (added here by Hanson Phreek)

Squeaky- When you think something is really nifty but don't wanna say nifty. Made by Boy Phreek (added here by Hanson Phreek)

Dumbfoundedly- To do something while dumbfounded.

Err- Kinda like grr, except usually only used in frustration.

Errgh- Err and Argh combined.

Yove- Like love but with some specific rules. It means you are wliiling to do the following: Turn off your favorite band for that person, leave your house and walk in the dark at 3 am to comfort that person, share your "Wheat Thins", stop whatever you are doing to help with their makeup, and fall in love with someone in one year so that you can have a double wedding. Shout out to Phariy_Phreek for helping define this one.

Hanson Phreek's Combining Two Words Challenge
Try and come up with two words that Hanson Phreek can't combine. Just email me.Make sure that the words are odd combinations.


Fish + Cobbler = Fisbbler.

Cat + Bottlecap= Cottacat

Stuff like that. She can't wait to try out your challenges.

I finally got a suggestion. And it's a hard one. It's from Lauren, one of our friends without a phreek name. Her suggestion was: Military + Intelligence.
So here is what I came up with:


Email me and let me know what your favorite is.