DON'T BE AFRAID...YET Time sure does fly
March 13, 2015 By: Hanson Phreek

Ok world! It's time for a MAJOR overhaul. I've volunteered to fix up this site but Poke-Phreek and FreakyPhreek are helping out some too. I've got a lot of reworking to do and some adding and deleting as well. It's going to take a while, so please: BE PATIENT!

Off to get started!
Hanson Phreek

October 26th, 2K4 By: Poke-Phreek

Would ya lookit that! No updates for a loooooong time. Well, since we're going to start going over html in my ITS class soon, I figured I'd give this place one more shot and try making it purdy again. Maybe add a few pages. Already deleted a couple that really didn't matter anyway. So, on with the re-vamping!

Time is Fleeting

Yep, well...
February 27th, 2K3 By: Poke-Phreek

I reckon we should keep it up SOMEWHAT if we's gunna be advertisin' an' all...
Check it OUT. I was quite shocked when I saw this ;) (yeah...right!)

Which LotR Male are You Compatible with Sexually?

brought to you by Quizilla

I NEVER woulda guessed! (heheh)

Hate Monger
How Republican Are You?

brought to you by Quizilla

Oh MY! Gee gosh willikers! Why, they make me sound so, so, like ME!

LIIICK! You're Pippin's Lips! Pucker up!

Which Hobbit Body Part are You?
brought to you by Quizilla
...bloody hell...I dunno what to make of this...

Poke-Phreek Out...

"Holy Rusted Metal, Batman"~Robin
February 26, 2003 By: ...

*looks around site* Well....*notices all the changes* It seems we've been working on the site...finally. It seems we've done a lot...there are some new backgrounds on Hanson Phreek's pages, and she's reorganized her fanfic page. We also have a new index pages. See if you can find any other changes. Have fun exploring...*evil grin* *wink wink*

I have a site...and a kitty!
August 6, 2002 By: Me

Well, I've been working on my personal site for a long time now, and it's up and running. I published it today. Click here to see it. I also have a kitty. Her name is Sushi, she's about 10 weeks old, weighs 2.8lbs, and a black and tanish tiger. She's so cute. When I get a pic I'm gonna put it up. Peace, Love and Bullet Proof Marshmallows.

~Hanson Phreek~

May 14, 2002 By: You guess

Hey! You may, or may not have noticed the change in the no frames front page... it's PINK! And I HATE it. Poke-Phreek did it. And just for the record, I do NOT LIKE pink *shudders*, and FreakyPhreek does NOT LIKE Britney Spears *shudders*.
Oh, I added a couple new words to the phreektionary, and finally got an entrance in the Two-Word Combining Challenge. Go check it out. Well, I'm off. Peace, Love and Bullet Proof Marshmallows.

~Hanson Phreek~

We're Still Alive
January 11, 2k2 By: Hanson Phreek

Hello!!! I know we haven't updated in a while but sorry. We are very buisy and lazy people, so you can't expect us to update every day or so... like we did at first. Anyways, there's some new stuff in the phreektionary, one of myn and one from Gundam-Phreek. Hehe... I used one there. I may be adding some new fanfics this week, I need to see if my newest one is up here or not and there's a couple that I've read that I want to add. Well I have to help a friend create a site now... maybe we'll have a link on here once she gets it up. Well. Bye. Peace, Love, and Bullet Proof Marshmallows.

~Hanson Phreek~

Oh, you silly wombat! ^_^
August 13th, 2K1 By: Poke-Phreek

Well of coure you're loved silly! Like a wombat....but you know I love wombats! ^_^

Just so you know, I finally updated Ptad but forgot to update this page as well as the front saying I did *notices she's talking to an empty room* Huh...WE NEED MORE HITS DANGIT!!! oh well this many individual hits is pretty good, for us anyway.
Hey! I'm listening to a fan-radiostation! It's 12 1/2 hours of japanese digimon music! I forget the exact URL so just go to and search under meg_chan or grace_anderson. Her site is neat, you can buy lots of anime stuff there. It's

Hey! I never mentioned this before! I'm goin' to Japan! ^_^ Well, maybe :( I'm goin' SOMEWHERE though! Next year I'm on my way to either Japan, Spain, or even Switzerland! But I have the best chance of going to Japan ^_^ yayayayayayay...ahh, less than 7 months to pack! And some phreekz (as well as some non phreeky peeps) don't appreciate the limited time they have with me...*sniff* ok, I'm over it ^_^ well, you know the drill, email me with...anything ya want...well, not anything...



August 10, 2K1 Three days before I can get my permit

Well, I see how loved I am by a certin phreek, I won't name any names *coughpokecough*Ok. I'm over it. I haven't done anythingnew to the site. I just felt like letting everyone know I'm still alive. Well, I should go. Peace, Love and Bullet Proof Masrhmallows.
~Hanson Phreek~

Little Phrap., Monday, 2K1 By: Poke-Phreek

Eh, sorry, not quite sure of the date today! ^_^ No matter.
As the title states, "Little Phrap" has been done to the site, of course, you all can't get to most of it! Why? Because I haven't finished it yet. Mwhahahaha, but I promise, it'll be really neat. Maybe I should just make it a whole different site because *whips out megaphone* CERTAIN OTHER PHREEKZ DON'T UPDATE!!!!*stashes megaphone away* ^_^ Yes, well. If you REALLY wanna know what it is, you can email me and ask. I shall tell all, but only through email. Aren't I evil? *note sarcasim*

I've been planning a new layout for Phreekz, but I'm kinda stuck. If you have any suggestions, just email us and we'll consider your suggestions and give you credit. I personally want it all in Pink and White. Or maybe Lavendar. ^_^ Me likey perdy colors!

Ohoh! Didja hear about the new Tenchi Muyo OVA/TV series and the third OVA?! The series will be mainly focused on the war between the three goddesses: Tsunami, Tokimi, and Washu. Tenchi will, of course, be the main character as well. Choushin (the high goddess) will also play a major role in the series. Her war against the new character "Z" will be another main focus of the story. But there's not alot of Ryoko :( or Ayeka ^_^. "Tenchi Muyo! GXP" TV / OVA series and "Tenchi Muyo! Ryo-Ohki" OVA3 first episodes are scheduled to release around Spring, 2002 in Japan by For more information, please visit
(This official "Tenchi Muyo! Ryo-Ohki" OVA3 website is scheduled to launch at 10/10,2001= "The day of Tenchi")

Well! Don't I write long updates! Hmm, better go before one of my wombat friends updates *total sarcasim*
~*~Poke P.~*~

PS: Go HERE to see the interview AIC had with Mr. Kajishima Masaki (co-creator of TM) where he tells of some information on the series and states that he is personaly directing the series!

"I'm just a man, just a guy, just a dude and I'm hungryyyy!"
August 1st/2nd, 2K1 By: Poke-Phreek

Well, actually I'm none of those. Gah! What is it with me and that commercial?! Hmm, well, as far as you, our viewers, yes, all 2 of you, can tell, we have been doing nothing to the site. Ah-hah! But that is where you are wrong my little wombats. Freaky, Hanson P. and I have been doing many a thing to our little haven. I myself have been constructing my own "secret" area for awhile now and I'm sure most of you will find more pleasure in it than viewing my Kou-koi's information and such. Yes, I do beleive you will. As for the rest of the site, I am still planning on adding something to Ptad, and MAJORLY working on our other members' area. Yup, we kinda just threw that together in about ten minutes! Ah, and Freaky has been adding little additions to the phreektionary and WuNames I see. As for Hanson P., well, it seems that her new stories are better than ever, along with a few new stories from different authors! Well done guys!

*starts a completely un-related subject that nobody cares about* Anyway, on my adventurous trek through my kitchen cabinet to acclaim a solution to my never-ending headache, I reached past the aspirin to find, whaddya know, a bottle of unidentifiable substance! In fact there are more! Just wondering here, do you really know what's in your cabinets? Let's see here,
well, gee golly, a nice bottle of Psyllium Husk Powder (?_?), how nice. What's this? A big container full of Vitamin C Pure Ascorbic Acid Supplement with Citrus Bioflavoroids. Huh. Glutamin Powder, Lecithin Granules, Zinc Picolinate. OOoooOOo, "Phosphorus derived from Phosphatidyl Choline, Phosphatidyl Inositol, and Phosphatidyl Ethanolamine which are naural componants of Soya Lecethin." Yummy. So...dammit. I just wanted a bottle of pain killers >_< Ah well, This is Poke-Phreek, signing off (because her sugar-high has worn down).


I'm home!
August 1, 2K1 By: Hanson Phreek

I'm back home and so is FreakyPhreek. I still don't know why she hasn't updated yet. oh well. Yesterday, I felt poor so I priced my pokemon cards and now I feel rich. Wow. Well, I added one of my fanfcis and another fic to the fanfic page. Go read them. I'm gonna type up the rest of mine now, so I have to get going. Peace, Love and Bullet Proof Marshmallows.
~Hanson Phreek~

"...grilled steak tacoooo, from Taco Beeeeeellll!"
July, 17th, 2K1 By: Poke-Phreek

Hee, ^_^ Sorry, I really like that commercial. If anybody's seen it...well, Hanson Phreek...persuaded me to update, so here I am! ^_^ Let's see. The front page is now a little different. As is the Entrance Page. I'll have to work on other places too. I plan to work on Ptad, and my *sigh* Izzy Shrine. Also, maybe the phreektionary, and a new area. But for now, I have to haul ass to see my friend in Virginia. Lataz!
~*~Poke P.~*~

July 16, 2K1 By: Hanson Phreek (in case you couldn't tell by reading it)

Well, It's been over a month now and Poke-Phreek is back but I'm still in Maine and Freaky's still in Las Vegas. Darn her. Anyways, I decided that the site needs to be updated. I'm not sure why Poke-Phreek didn't she's usally the one to update all the time. Oh, well. So, how are you all doing? I'm good. Maine, in my opinion right now, is boring. I have nothing to do. Oh well. But it is a pretty state. Everybody should go there at least once during their life time. I'm not doing too much to the site, just small things that you probably won't even notice or care about. I'm still typing up my fics. I've actually written another one. I'll eventually get them posted. Hopefully sometime this century. Well, I gotta go finish working on the site so my dad can get on the computer. Bye.... and why is Poke-Phreek typing Bai instad of Bye.... I know that it's japanese or something but still. It gets on my nerves. Oh one more thing... I'm going to add to PTAD. It needs something new. Peace, Love and Bullet Proof Marshmallows.
~Hanson Phreek~

*Face reddens with embaressment*
May 20th, 2K1 By: Poke-Phreek

Eheheh...heh. Um, as Hanson P. recently stated, we haven't been updating for a while. As you probably noticed. But this weekend, we all had the sudden urge to type away at html codes. So what's up? Well, I'm currently moving all the old updates, starting at Freaky P.'s update "I Have No Life" on March 14, to a different area. If anyone would like to see them...they will still be here via a link at the bottom of the page. Freaky and I are in the process of making a "Summer Movies and Reviews" section for anyone to check out while we're all away in non-internet-accessable holes this summer. Me in Key West, Hanson P. in Maine, and Freaky (the lucky b****...)goes to Las Vegas! Or in the general area. *sobs* We're all gonna be so far away for so long!

Okay. I'm over it.

I'm about to put up a little page for you to clikk upon it's many ads to give us some moolah. Like anyone will do it, but I was bored and thought "Might as well." Hanson P.'s new and improved obsession page is...interesting. *spills the beans* It's all about Yaoi, which in fact all of us do enjoy, at least a little bit. *picks up the beans* well, i've talked too much now, so bai!::POKE P.::

Hey All! Why haven't we been updating?
May 19, 2K1 By: Hanson Phreek

Well, I guess we've all been really busy lately. Well at least I have. I've got stuff every weekend from now until the second weekend in August. That's a long time. All three of us Phreekz are going away on trips this summer so I don't know how often we will update. I can't wait to go to Maine.

Well, I updated my obsession page. I have a new secret obsession. You'll have to go to that page to see what it is. I should be getting up some new fanfics soon. Mostly mine. I'm working on getting stories from other authors. Well enjoy the site. Peace, Love, and Bullet Proof Marshmallows.
~Hanson Phreek~

It's been a while for me :)
April 14th, 2K1 By: Hanson Phreek

I had been working on my own site but then gave up on it.... also I had a slight time where I refused to get on the net... But I'm back now. I had to take off a coulpe of pic 'cause we got some flames about them. I also took off a poll. I updated my obsession a little. I also put a new fanfic up. I guess that's it. Peace, Love and Bullet Proof Marshmallows.
~Hanson Phreek~

April 12th, 2K1 By: Poke-Phreek

And a rather large upadate at that! Alot of things have changed (little things) like, how some sections have been deleted, a lot of pictures are gone, some new ones up, Ptad and my obsession have been updated, and other little phrappy things that the naked eye can't see (Ewwei! Ewwei! Nekkid eyes! Put some clothes on!) :) Also, I moved the large update about tamers to PTAD along with info on how 02 ends. Anyway. Just wanna say...SORRY FOR NOT UPDATING!!! Also, there may be some pictures that do not belong to us on here that I am currently working on getting rid of. I was informed of a few...anyway. Bai!

Anyone up for a game of shoot the Poke-Phreek?
March 26th, 2k1 By: FreakyPhreek

*brings out slingshot* I'm ready to bag me a bigun!...hehheh...did that pop out of my mouth?
Anyway, I was updating the site, oh...yesterday. I like fixed some links, updated the phreektionary, little phrap. I was about to tell everyone on the update page. I really was. It's just...I stopped. In fact! Here's a recreation of that scene!...
*fades in to FreakyPhreek typing at computer. "Sheboigen! I have at last updated the Phreek website! I have also planned out a way to completely take over the world with chocolate and pixie sticks! Yes! Oh look! the Oscars! Will Julia Roberts win? Perhaps someone will streak around nekkid! ohhhhhh...."
And that's when I stopped. I just...stopped.

This is FreakyPhreek stopping....

...and now the updates, with one lonely phreek....
March 22nd, 2K1 By: Poke-Phreek

...I will not say a THING about how nobody's updated the site in the past week despite my whining to certain other phreekz about it since Monday...not a thing. Well, yes. I know. This place needs some work. >_< I just remembered the news section a while ago thanks to a reminder by Freaky. Oops.

Heee, my sister (this is totally not anything to do with the site, but oh well) just reminded me of a "song" that my friends made up when I was about 8. The lyrics are "mustard, mayonaise, cheese and lettuce" because that's all I would eat. On a sandwhich anyway. And all I ate were sandwhichs. I was going through some sorta rebellion against meat, fruit, and veggies around then...and uh, they sorta made it up to remember that that's all I would eat whenever I went over to their houses...:p ok, well. Um, Bai...

Happy B-Day!, Freaky!
March 17th, 2K1 By: Poke-Phreek

It's Freaky Phreek's Birthday everyione! Think I got the message through with all the green and stuff on the main pages? Well, anyway, just wanted to say that I did all the changes and stuff, (only for this weekend) and it will all be black and morbid again by Monday, hopefully. Well, Baibai!

I have no life.
March 14, 2k1 By: FreakyPhreek

I was bored today, so I fized stuff up here. Hanson Phreek was kind enough to tell me that most of the links on the page were, ahem, WRONG.
Don't worry, I fixed them. Kudos to Hanson Phreek for helping there.
By the way, Hanson Phreek wont be updating the site for awhile as she's busy on her own site, working on the basic French pages and stuff. She's even going to have all the accents and shtuff.
Poke-Phreek should update soon *hinthint* as she's just recovered from a bad sickness. No, it wasn't cowitis or Izzy-dehydration, she had like a cold or the flu or something. You know Poke-Phreek's sick when she actually WANTS to go to school.
I's gots to go now. Adieu!

~FreakyPhreek is now backing away slowly...

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